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This page contains spoilers for the story or gameplay of the second game, Monument Valley 2. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading.

In which a transformation is completed

XII: The Orchard is the tenth level in Monument Valley 2. It introduces trees.



Ro's daughter starts off in an enclosed area with a small tree. After activating a nearby switch, a panel on the room opens up, letting in light to grow the tree, and the platform the tree is on can now be moved. Ro's daughter uses the panel and platform to shrink and grow the tree as she needs, and does the same with the other trees throughout the level.

She eventually makes her way to a room with a single yellow tree, which grows bigger she progresses. The tree grows until a door appears in the leaves. Ro's daughter enters the doorway. The walls of the monument lower and the tree grows in the sunlight until it a flower bud appears on the top. The flower blooms and reveals Ro's daughter, now an adult.


  • This level takes place after XI: The Lyceum despite being played after VIII: Aphelion. This is why the level's numeral doesn't match the level number.
  • During the end credits, there is a scene in which child Ro enters the orchard, implying that Ro became an adult this way as well.
    • The tree in this scene is also green and has flowers, possibly meaning that Ro's transformation took place in spring while her daughter's seems to take place in autumn.


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