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This page contains spoilers for the story or gameplay of the second game, Monument Valley 2. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading.

In which Ro visits an old friend

III: Aphelion is the ninth level in Monument Valley 2.




Ro has come to an area which appears to be the home of the Doortem, whom she awakens to assist her on her journey.

After helping each other through the various monuments of this area, Ro comes to an area where she activates a switch that builds a platform to carry Doortem up to her. When Doortem steps on another switch, it turns around, revealing a door on the other side of its body. The door emits a glowing rainbow light, and Ro hesitates for a moment before entering the door and completing the level.


  • Ro has met Doortem in the past, implied by "old friend" in the level description.
  • This level takes place after VII: The Towers despite being played after XI: The Lyceum. This is why the level's numeral doesn't match the level number.


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