The Storyteller, or The Ghost is the narrator of the story, it is a ghost from an ancient civilization. Ida meets her several times during her journey. It gives a context for Ida's journey. It is currently unknown who The Storyteller was before she died.

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Chapter III: Hidden Temple

"Long have these old bones waited in darkness

How far have you wandered, silent princess?

Why are you here?"

Chapter IV: Water Palace

"This was the valley of men.

Now all that remains are our monuments stripped of their glories.

Thieving princess, why have you returned?"

Chapter VII: The Rookery

"Those who stole our sacred geometry have forgotten their true selves.

Cursed to walk those monuments are they.

Foolish princess, have you forgotten too?"

Chapter IX: The Descent

"Long ages lie heavy on old bones in these burried halls.

Sacred geometry was our pride, our downfall.

But forever will our monuments stand in this valley."

Appendix IV: Halcyon Court (Forgotten Shores)

"How many monuments have you restored? How many still lie ahead?

Forgetful princess confuses past, present and future.

When all sacred geometry is returned, so too shall be your crown."

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