Monument Valley (video game) Wiki

At the end of most Chapters, Ida will restore Sacred Geometry to monuments. After this is done, you will have completed the Chapter. The only times you don’t have to restore a monument are in Chapter I: Monument Valley and in Chapter IX: The Descent.


Whenever you do restore a monument, a different shape will come out of Ida’s hat.

Restoring Monuments

It is very simple to restore a monument. When the player reaches the end of the level, go over to the star-shaped object. Ida will then take off her hat, and the Sacred Geometry will come out, restoring the monument.

Restoring Monuments (Monument Valley 2)

It is almost the same to restore a monument in Monument Valley 2, But with a twist. The player must move their finger across the screen until a shape is made. The monument will then be restored. Although, for people who suspect this game is a prequel; it may be them creating the geometry, or putting it there in the first place


  • There are only 2 levels where you don’t have to restore monuments.
  • In two Chapters, shape will be the same as a past shape, except a little transparent.
  • In Monument Valley 2, Sacred Geometry is drawn, with the result depending on who draws it. For example, those that are drawn by Ro are composed of 10 segments and become two identical counter-rotating shapes, while those drawn by her daughter have 12 segments and resolve into a spheroid.