Monument Valley (video game) Wiki

This page lists all songs included in the Monument Valley soundtrack.


Track No. Name Length Description Link
2 The Garden 3:13 Plays in Chapter II: The Garden
3 Hidden Temple 1:58 Plays in Chapter III: Hidden Temple
4 The Ghost 1:37 Plays when talking to The Storyteller
5 Water Palace 2:45 Plays in Chapter IV: Water Palace
6 The Spire 2:03 Plays in Chapter V: The Spire
7 The Labyrinth 1:10 Plays in Chapter VI: The Labyrinth
8 The Rookery 1:36 Plays in Chapter VII: The Rookery
9 The Box 1:23 Plays in Chapter VIII: The Box
10 The Descent 2:58 Plays in Chapter IX: The Descent
11 Observatory 2:38 Plays in Chapter X: Observatory
12 At Journey's End 2:09 Plays in the ending after Chapter X: Observatory
16 Ida's Theme 0:44 Plays in Chapter I: Monument Valley

Bonus Tracks

Track No. Name Length Link
1 Amateur Cartography 3:43
13 Sounds from Shattered Seashells 3:04
14 Inverted Island 4:54
15 Oceanic Glow 4:56