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This page contains spoilers for the story or gameplay of the first game, Monument Valley. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading.

Princess Ida, or simply Ida, is the main character of Monument Valley. The player leads her through geometric mazes that are seemingly impossible as she journeys to be forgiven for stealing the Sacred Geometry.


Ida has white skin, black hair, and wears a white dress and pointy hat. Beneath the hat is Sacred Geometry which varies in each chapter. and she has no face

In her true form, she is a white bird with a white crown, having two black circles that are her eyes.


Ida ventures into a place called "Monument Valley," where she is tasked to return all the Sacred Geometry she previously stole. As she ventures, she meets a ghost who interacts with Ida. She later meets the crows and a helpful totem.

At the end of the game when she has given back all the geometry she stole, Princess Ida is forgiven and is turned back into a white bird with a crown atop her head.

In one of the levels, The Descent, Ida is led down a staircase, and on the player's left side there is a mirror. Her reflection shows a pure white bird with a floating crown, hinting at her true form.

Ida's punishment was for her to be turned into a human, plus taking away her speech. Her subjects, the crows, are also cursed. Until Ida is forgiven for the Geometry she stole, they suffer her punishment, walking as humans and not being able to fly.



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