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This page contains spoilers for the story or gameplay of the second game, Monument Valley 2. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading.

In which reflection unfolds old memories

IX: Mén-an-tol is the eleventh level in Monument Valley 2.



After entering the Doortem in the previous level, Ro finds herself in a series of impossible rainbow-colored monuments. She soon encounters a ghost-like version of her younger self also traversing the monuments, and one of her mother as well.

She follows these visions of her past until she finds a memory of when she was taken to the Docks and sent out on the boat by her mother, just as she did with her own daughter.

Ro then exits the Doortem, who is now in an entirely new area consisting of a small platform leading to a pedestal. Just as in other levels, Ro creates a new piece of Sacred Geometry and kneels before it, ending the level.


  • This level takes place after VIII: Aphelion despite being played after XII: The Orchard. This is why the level's numeral doesn't match the level number.
  • The level is named after mên-an-tol, a formation of stones.
  • The spirit that talks to Ro in The Archipelago turns out to be Ro's own mother.
  • According to one of Ro's memories, Ro has had her flute since she was a child.
    • In this memory, Ro's flute performance is slower and littered with mistakes, showing how she learned to play the instrument.
    • This is one of the only levels where Ro meets her mother.


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