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In which the child learns her first lesson

IV: The Viaduct is the fourth level in Monument Valley 2.




The level begins as Ro and her daughter travel up a tower in a misty and rainy area. They separate and and go through two different doors. Ro enters a cave where the second Spirit tells her to learn her daughter fend for herself.

Ro and her daughter navigate more areas separated from each other, with Ro's daughter only mirroring Ro's movements instead of moving around on her own. Eventually they reunite on a building atop an ocean, and add another piece of Sacred Geometry to the valley.


  • This is the first level where Ro and her daughter must solve puzzles separate from one another, but not the first level where they are separated.
  • This is one of the levels where a spirit appears.
  • More fog disappears the further into it you go into it, a similar thing happens in Chapter IX: The Descent


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