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⚠️ Spoiler Warning! ⚠️
This page contains spoilers for the additional levels, Forgotten Shores. It is recommended that you complete the levels before reading.

Forgotten Shores is a paid content pack that adds 8 new levels to Monument Valley. It was released on November 20, 2014 for iOS devices and was available 4 days later on the Google Play Store.



The first four levels feature Ida, and occasionally the Totem, exploring new environments with unique mechanics. At first, The Lost Falls is just like the previous levels in this regard, but this changes when Ida and Totem are met with a powerful crusher that needs to be blocked in order to open a door. The Totem attempts to stand under the crusher to keep it in place, but instead it crushes repeatedly onto the Totem's head, pushing it into the rock beneath and eventually splitting the Totem apart as its pieces fall into the chasm below. Ida pauses for a moment before continuing to the end of the level.

The level afterward, The Citadel of Deceit, appears to show Ida's grief or shame about the Totem's fate. The gray environment and wildly shifting perspective create a sense of wrongness or emptiness, similar to VII: The Towers. However, in the level's ending, a pink sunrise can be seen over the mountains, likely representing Ida's hope or acceptance.

In the final level, Nocturne, Ida searches for the Totem's four pieces in an attempt to put him back together. The pieces are scattered throughout the area, locked behind puzzles the player must solve. Once all four segments are gathered together and positioned on top of a light, a giant staircase appears. At the top, the platform falls away to reveal the Totem, reassembled. Ida returns the piece of Sacred Geometry, and the cube from Chapter X: Observatory can be seen floating in the background, with the level completed.



  • Forgotten Shores' place in the Monument Valley timeline is unknown, but it likely takes place before Chapter X: Observatory because of Ida being in her human form. The storytellers appear in each area in Nocturne.