Monument Valley (video game) Wiki

The Fifth Anniversary Update is an update to Monument Valley that was available from April 3 2019 to May 1 2019. This update changed the game's main menu and added hats that are hidden in every level.


Image Appearance Location
I outfit.png
Rainbow hat that shifts colors Chapter I: Monument Valley
On the main path
II outfit.png
Similar to the Totem Chapter II: The Garden
On the bottom-left platform
III outfit.png
Similar to the Storyteller Chapter III: The Hidden Temple
In the first area, on the path revealed when the buildings turn
IV outfit.png
Similar to Ro while wearing her hat Chapter IV: The Water Palace
In the first area, on top of the rotating structure
V outfit.png
Similar to the Doortem Chapter V: The Spire
In the second area, on the underside of the left rotating platform
VI outfit.png
Similar to the Crow People Chapter VI: The Labyrinth
In the second area, on the left platform
VII outfit.png
Similar to the Crow Queen Chapter VII: The Rookery
VIII outfit.png
Similar to Ro's Daughter when grown up Chapter VIII: The Box
In the blue section of the box
IX outfit.png
A white crow beak holding a piece of Sacred Geometry Chapter IX: The Descent
In the first area, on the right side of the island
X outfit.png
Similar to The Storyteller, but orange instead of blue Chapter X: Observatory
In the purple puzzle area