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This page contains spoilers for the story or gameplay of the first game, Monument Valley. It is recommended that you complete the game before reading.

In which there is no one left to forgive us

Chapter IX: The Descent is the ninth level of Monument Valley. This chapter reveals the backstory behind the monuments that takes place before the first chapter.



The level begins in the ocean during a storm. Ida is standing on a bare rocky island with nothing except for a red flower. When Ida walks next to it, she will pick it up and put it in her pocket. After this, the water level lowers and Ida climbs down the island. The Totem appears from the water, likely washed up on the rock after the end of Chapter VI, to help Ida. Using it, Ida reaches the next area.

The next room is made from orange stone, and has depictions of a bird queen holding a piece of sacred geometry, and 6 worshipping or mourning people. After solving the puzzles and leaving the room, Ida finds a gray cave, which has more puzzles to solve. One part of the cave contains a large mirror that shows Ida's reflection, a white bird with a crown. Ida descends further and encounters The Storyteller for the final time, though speaking to them is optional.

Continuing to descend, Ida eventually finds a room filled with 234 or more stone coffins. They are presumed to hold the bodies of Ida’s civilization that was wiped out when she stole the sacred geometry, thus there is “no one left to forgive us”. One coffin in particular is raised on a stone platform. This is likely the coffin of The Storyteller, but this is not confirmed. When she approaches it, Ida will put the red flower in front of it to honor the grave, completing the level.


  • This, along with Chapter I, is one of two chapters where Ida does not return a piece of Sacred Geometry.
  • In the background music of the chapter, you can hear gregorian chanting as if there were still priests singing hymns for the dead.


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