Monument Valley (video game) Wiki

In which Ida embarks on a quest for forgiveness

Chapter II: The Garden is the second level in Monument Valley. It introduces a new gameplay mechanic: the switch. The player's goal is to reach the top of the structure by rotating the platform.


First, you rotate the platform to allow Ida to go across and down a ladder to press the switch.

When it is pressed, a path to a second switch appears. Take Ida back across the rotating platform, rotate it, and move Ida to the second switch.

The rotating platform will go upward a bit. Rotate it one last time to connect the path Ida is on with a higher point, then move her to the goal.


Though there are no characters or story moments in this level, the level serves as a beginning to Ida's quest, indicated by the start screen.


  • This is the first level where Ida returns a piece of Sacred Geometry.